Custom Built Cabinets

Abyss Aquariums has its own Professional Cabinet Maker to
bring you sydneys biggest and best Custom Built Cabinets and Stands..

Our Cabinets are known for their quality and craftsmanship.

You will be kicking yourself if you dont come see us for your
next Cabinet.

We build Cabinets in a range of Styles with different finishes from Painted to Stained or even Polycarbonate so no matter what your looking for come and see us for Sydneys cheapest quote you wont be disapointted.

Keep an eye on this page we will be updating it with some
photos of new designs as they happen..


The master at work

Custom Built Aquariums

Wood Cabinets and Stands

Metal Stands

We have some photos of our current range of designs.

We can do both Painted or Stain. We can alos stain match if you have something you want matched.


We are also able to make Metal stands.

We can get them Hot Gal Dipped and Powder Coated