Custom Built Aquariums

Abyss Aquariums has partnered with Custom Built Aquariums to
bring you sydneys biggest and best Custom aquariums.

Custom built Aquariums has built some of Sydneys biggest
tanks and are known for their quality and craftsmanship.

You will be kicking yourself if you dont come see us for your
next aquarium.

We can build tanks from 6in right upto 16 foot so no matter what size tank your after come and see us for Sydneys cheapest quote you wont be disapointted.

Keep an eye on this page we will be updating it with some
photos from our latest and greatest builds.


The master at work

Custom Built Aquariums

Past Projects

New Projects

We will be posting some photos of Custom Aquariums we have already built.

Feel free to look at them you may get some ideas for your next tank.


We will post up some new photos of the new Custom Aquariums as we build them.

Will your tank be up here next?